A pleasure to welcome back our friend and brother, Pastor Osmond, from Ghana.  The theme he had already picked was Unity, and that was before he knew about the uniting merger of Corporation Road and Grange Road churches!  Apologies for the occasional dip in sound – next time Osmond speaks we need to issue him […]


This morning we welcomed John Claydon, our regional minister.  John takes us through some verses in Revelation.  He talks about doors – sticky doors that need effort to push open, doors that open unexpectedly easily, and lift doors that we didn’t see because they were behind us, so we had to take the stairs!

The Bride of Christ

Continuing Rod’s series on looking at metaphors used for the church in the New Testament, this Sunday is of a BRIDE. Jesus is preparing his bride, making her clean and holy. Holiness is not a subject we hear a lot about these days but there’s no doubt that when God calls us to himself, he […]