Emmanuel – God With Us

One of the names given to Jesus which we especially remember at this time of year is Emmanuel, meaning “God with us”.  Anne gives us a timely reminder of what this means, sadly something we often forget in the busyness and commercialisation of Christmas.


Most of you know will know that Advent is the run-up to Christmas, well today we looked at the run-up to Advent, whatever that is called!  Stuart considers the events surrounding the birth of John the Baptist.

Faith for Every Situation

This morning we welcomed Elisabeth Jordan, from New Life Baptist Church, Northallerton.  Looking at the Gospel stories of the Syrophoenician Woman and the Feeding of the 4000, Elisabeth talks to us about Faith to love, Faith to persist, Faith to be used by God.

Broom Tree

On Mental Health Sunday, we hear from Brian about the work of Broom Tree and Care & Share, doing a fantastically important job helping those working with or experiencing from mental health issues.

Parable of the Rich Fool

On this our Harvest Sunday, we welcome Paul Dunn, a farmer from Helmsley (and some distant relative which we couldn’t quite work out of our pastor Rod!).  Paul speaks to us about the rich farmer from one of Jesus’ parables, who made the mistake of storing up earthly rather than heavenly riches.