Sunday Worship

Sunday 26th November @ 1030

Fresh from a few days away, Rodney Breckon (our Pastor) will be leading worship, both preaching and lead singing. Paul Warrren (who is part of After Midnight, the Eric Clapton tribute band) will be on keys.

This will be the last Sunday before Advent and an opportunity for Rodney to begin thinking, in a pre-Advent way, about Jesus coming to us.

See you on Sunday.

You are Welcome: First and foremost, we guarantee you a warm welcome at Darlington Baptist Church – and we love to see new people. Nobody need feel excluded. Our Sunday worship begins at 10:30 am and lasts for an hour and a quarter or so, give or take. The way in to the building is through the big glass doors at the front. See you soon!

LaurenceWhat goes on: Because the person leading the Service is not the same every week, our worship will vary somewhat from Sunday to Sunday. However, there will always be hymns and songs, one or more Bible readings, a money offering and prayers. Almost always there will be a section aimed at children of all ages (the Kids’ Slot) and a longer talk (Sermon). We celebrate Communion on the third Sunday – although that can change occasionally. We are flexible!donkeys

Young People’s Church (YPC):  Children stay with the adults for about the first 20 minutes of the Service and then leave the main worship area for the YPC. There they will read the Bible, draw, talk, make things – whatever. We run a crèche in a corner of the worship area, as needed, for babies and toddlers.

Elena and MartinMusic: Our music has a greater emphasis on modern songs, although we include traditional hymns. You may find a keyboard, the piano and the organ all used in one Service. Generally we have a music leader and three other singers ‘up front’ and using mics. All the words are projected on to a central screen and separate monitors at the sides of the worship area.

After Worship: We serve light refreshments in the entrance Foyer and in the Conservatory. Chatting over a fairly traded cuppa is a great way to get to know each other better. It is also an opportunity to quiz the Worship Leader(s) about what has been said during the Service.

Dress Code: Although you might see some folks wearing their ‘Sunday-Best’, we have no dress code. Jeans and a T-Shirt work just as well as a suit – and they are more common.

Car Park: Driving up Victoria Road, you will pass the Sainsbury’s Service Station on your left and then a block of flats. The entrance to our car park is immediately after those flats. Our car park does get overfull on Sunday mornings; if you prefer, you can park in Sainsbury’s, who allow three hours free – giving you plenty of time to chat and enjoy refreshments after the Service.